Life Groups 4 Kids - Grace Community Church
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Life Groups 4 Kids

Life Groups 4 Kids Curriculum

From PreK through 5th grade, The Journey will take children on a discipleship journey through the stories of the Bible, and develop a comprehensive understanding of their unique purpose in God’s plan as well as their abilities to be disciples of the Gospel.

The first books focus on God’s promises and the life of Jesus prepared for each age level of advancement.

PreK will start with…

How to Know God-A Journey to Discover God’s Purpose
24 weeks of lessons from the first part of the Old Testament introducing young children to the basics of the Bible, facilitating discussions about who God is, and identifying character traits that honor God.

Kindergarten will start with…

How To Obey God-A Journey To Discover God’s Promise
24 weeks of lessons from the second part of the Old Testament, introducing young children to the classic stories of the Bible, facilitating discussions about God’s people, and discovering how God’s love endures no matter what.

First graders will start with…

How to Love Jesus– Journey to Discover My Savior
24 weeks of lessons from the New Testament, introducing the community of children to Jesus, His teachings, and those that witnessed His life; facilitating discussions about why God sent Him, and identifying why Jesus was sent to save us.

Second graders will start with…

How to Worship Jesus– Journey to Discover My Church
24 weeks of lessons studying the early leaders and heroes of the New Testament. Children will study how God’s people responded to the teachings of Jesus, received the Holy Spirit, and started the Church.

The older grade school books systematically take children through the steps of developing a relationship with Christ, encouraging their spiritual growth, uncovering their spiritual gifts, and developing a passion to serve.

Third through fifth graders will start with book 101…

How to Belong to Jesus- A Journey to Discover My Purpose
24 weeks of lessons studying foundational beliefs of Christianity and our world view from a Christ-centered perspective. Additionally, children will be encouraged to explore their personal perspectives regarding their world and how God has uniquely created them to live, enjoy, and fellowship with one another. The will learn how to have a daily quiet time and put that daily discipline into action.

Each additional book builds on the previous year. As we continue our small group program in the upcoming years the following books will be added – third graders starting with 101, fourth graders with 201 and so on.


How to Grow in JesusA Journey to Discover My Spiritual Growth
24 weeks of lessons that launch children into a cognitive awareness of their love and dependence on God’s words and promises for their life. In-depth Bible study will introduce them to more sophisticated concepts that are revealed throughout the New Testament.


How to Serve Jesus-A Journey to Discover My S.H.A.P.E.
24 weeks of lessons set the scene to uncover the profound directives in Christ’s Great Commandment and Great Commission, and how each of us has been uniquely shaped to fulfill the principles of Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Evangelism, and Service to others.


How to Share Jesus-A Journey to Discover My Mission
24 weeks of lessons complete the 8-year Journey with a challenging exploration of what it means to take God’s message of love and salvation into the world. Children will be asked to analyze God’s mission for their life and how they can become more like Jesus, growing a love-filled heart.

There will also be additional lessons incorporated into the curriculum that include a church-wide focus.