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Relationship Risks

Relationship Risks

Pastor Jesse Bradley – April 1 & 2, 2017

Considerations (Ruth 3:1-8)
1. What is the upside and the worst-case scenario?
2. Have you made helpful preparations?
3. Have you confirmed that there is mutual agreement?

Progress (Ruth 3:9-18)
1. Is your potential being compromised because you are avoiding risk?
2. Is your process unselfish and does it honor God?
3. How does waiting on results test who you actually trust?

Take Home
1. God places many blessings one risk away from you.
2. Wise risks are always part of a growing relationship and faith.

Life Group Questions

Read Ruth Chapter Three

1. What are the reasons that God designed marriage? (Ruth 3:1)
2. When is it good to take a relational risk? (Ruth 3:2-3)
3. Are there any opportunities you sense God nudging you to pursue? (Ruth 3:4-8)
4. How does the book of Ruth illustrate Jesus’ role as our Redeemer? (Ruth 3:9-10)
5. How do you balance being kind with urgent requests and taking the needed time to walk through a healthy process? (Ruth 3:11-14)
6. How can you connect better with your in-laws? (Ruth 3:15-17)
7. How are you handling waiting now (be specific)? (Ruth 3:18)

Pray for each other and for wisdom in what risks God wants you to take.

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