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Pastor Jesse Bradley

Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2017

Reality Check (Acts 17:1-15)

The world will attack your deepest convictions and try to distract you from your mission.

A New Confidence

  1. A tiptoe approach usually doesn’t change lives; ask God for fortitude.
  2. Truth speakers can cause riots, but will be appreciated by truth seekers.
  3. There are destructive people who you need to have less contact with now.

Take Home

God’s Word will continue to turn the world upside down; your calling is to proclaim Jesus, not blend into the crowd.

Life Group Discussion Questions

Read Acts 17:1-15

  1. What would your plan be to reach a city or community? (vv.1-2)
  2. Are you proclaiming Jesus with fortitude or a tiptoe approach? Why? (vv.3-4)
  3. What are some of the ways that people react to truth? (vv.5-9)
  4. How and why do you eagerly examine Scripture? (vv.10-11)
  5. How is God’s Word unstoppable? (v.12)
  6. When is it good to avoid certain people? (vv.13-15)
  7. How does this passage change the way you want to live? (Acts 1:8)

Pray for boldness and a new confidence in God.

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