November 25 & 26, 2017

Reality Check (Acts 20:22-24, 21:1-17)


Jesus has a glorious calling on your life that involves everything you have and are.


1. Identify what Jesus says you do not need and tear yourself away from it.

2. When you know what you are willing to die for, then you are ready to really live.

3. Your purpose is saturated with the grace of God and points everyone there.

Take Home

You will discover God’s full design when you embrace these words: The Lord’s will be done.

Life Group Discussion Questions

Read Acts 20:22-24 and 21:1-17.


1. In what ways do you resonate with Paul? (20:22-24)

2. What do you need to tear yourself away from? (21:1-2)

3. When has someone tried to talk you out of following God’s plan? (21:4-6)

4. Is the Holy Spirit warning you and, if so, how does He do that? (21:10-11)

5. What are you willing to die for and, consequently, live fully for? (21:12-13)

6. In what areas do you need and desire to embrace God’s plan? (21:14)

7. How is your destiny saturated with God’s grace and how does it point people there daily?

Pray for each other to be faithful in your calling.



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