Hearts Stirred in Ephesus

Hearts Stirred in Ephesus

Reality Check (Acts 19:23-41)

The gospel transformed culture then and now.

  1. Outcome of the Gospel (vv.23, 26-27): A Cultural Change
  2. Obstacle to the Gospel (vv.24-27): A Heart’s Condition
  3. Opportunity for the Gospel (Eph. 6:1-17): Daily Living

Take Home

We can transform our culture by living the gospel every day.

Life Group Discussion Questions

Read Acts 19:23-41

  1. Why was Christianity called The Way and what does that mean? (v.23)
  2. What were popular idols in Ephesus and what are some popular ones where we live? (vv.24-25)
  3. How does Jesus threaten the idols in our lives and can you share an idol that you left? (vv.26-27)
  4. How do people respond when they do not want to let go of an idol? (vv.28-31)
  5. What is a mob mentality and do you see it today? (vv.32-34)
  6. What is the logic and calmness you see in these verses? (vv.35-41)
  7. How can you be more effectively on mission for Jesus?

Pray for each other and share some goals that you sense are from the Lord.


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