January 27 & 28, 2018

Main Idea

Shrinking the gap between your faith and actions helps people see Jesus more clearly and builds respect.

Alignment (Isaiah 58:1-14)

1. Real fasting should lead to obedience.

2. The light of God in you wants to break forth in glorious ways.

3. You will be most satisfied when the Lord is your daily Guide.

Take Home

Cities are transformed when individual hearts experience God’s nearness and healing.


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Life Group Discussion Questions

Read Isaiah 58:1-14

1. What message would you like to proclaim? (v.1)

2. What have you seen and experienced with religion on the outside, but unhealthy hearts? (vv.2-3)

3. What should the fruit of fasting be? (vv.4-7)

4. How does the glory of the Lord motivate you? (v.8)

5. How are God’s guidance and your satisfaction linked? (vv.9-11)

6. How can you restore the places where you live, work and play? (v.12)

7. What is the purpose of the Sabbath and what does it look like for you? (vv.13-14)


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