Reality Check (Acts 20:13-38)

Being on mission includes embracing many disruptive changes.

Thriving in The New Season

  1. Living for Jesus is more important than guarding the familiar.
  2. God’s plans usually involve reaching more people and giving you an expanded role in strategic
  3. Love people deeply, protect them from division and distortion, yet release your attempted control over them.

Take Home

In times of transition, listen closer to Jesus and commit to bringing a consistent generosity.

Read Acts 20: 13-38

  1. What kind of disruptive changes have you experienced? (vv.13-16)
  2. How can you make the most of your time and current opportunities? (vv.17-21)
  3. Have you said any difficult goodbyes in order to fully follow Jesus or spread the gospel further? (v.25)
  4. What does good leadership look like? (vv.27-31)
  5. Why is it important to release your attempted control over the people you love deeply? (v.32)
  6. How can you bring a committed and consistent generosity during times of change? (vv.34-35)
  7. How is God expanding your strategic role in serving Him in this upcoming season? (vv.36-38)

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