What is Kids Cash and the Grace Kids Store?

Every weekend kids have the opportunity to earn Kids Cash in their environments. They can earn $1 of Kid Cash for each of the following: say their memory verse, bring their Bible, and participating. K-5th graders can earn an extra dollar if they bring back their God Time completed from a previous week. The Kid Cash can be spent at the Grace Kids Store, located off the check-in area, after any weekend service.

What if my child has food allergies?

Grace Kids is a nut free environment. If your child has a food allergy please stop by the Grace Kids Guest Services so we can ensure that it will print on their nametag each time they check in. Our team members are trained to check nametags for any allergies before they serve the kids any snacks.

Are snacks provided for my child?

Nursery environments offer only gluten-free Cheerios. We ask that you inform your child’s leaders if your child can have cheerios or not. If you stop by the Grace Kids Guest Services, we can update their profile so it will print on their nametag (ex. Can Not Eat Cheerios, Can Eat Cheerios).

2 yr. – PreK environments offer two options for snacks: goldfish crackers and gluten-free Cheerios. If your child has allergies to either of these, please stop by the Grace Kids Guest Services so we can update their profile so it will print on their nametag.

What if my child cries or needs me during service?

If your child needs you for any reason during service (feels ill, medical question, etc.) we will put their name and number up on the screen. If your child is having a hard time acclimating or experiencing separation anxiety, our team will do everything in our power to attend to their needs and soothe them. If your child has been crying for 5 minutes, we will contact you by putting your child’s name and number on the screen. If there is something you know would help us make your child feel comfortable (ex, special blanket, pacifier, etc.) please let the leader know when you drop them off. Our goal is for your child to experience a nurturing and caring environment every time they are here.

What is the Grace Kids well child policy?

We operate a well-child environment. For the protection of all the children and team members, we cannot accept a child with green discharge from eyes for nose, fresh cold (3 days or less), fever, rash (excluding diaper rash or allergic reactions), persistent/severe cough, diarrhea, vomiting or any other signs of illness. We ask that you not place your child in their environment while they are at risk of exposing other children. Thank you in advance for helping keep our Grace Kids environments healthy!

Can I go into my child’s environment to help them adjust?

We believe it is best to keep the handing off process brief, however, we understand how at times a parent would want to enter the room to help their child acclimate to their new environment and leaders. We ask that only one parent at a time enters the room. We ask that you stay no longer than 10 minutes. The main reason for this is safety. Our number one value is to protect children with an uncompromising safety process. All our leaders have gone through an extensive process to be approved to work with the children in our care. Because parents have not gone through this process, but will have contact with children that are not their own while they are in the room. For this reason, a 10-minute time limit is maintained.

What time can I drop my child off in their environment?

We require two leaders to be in the environment before they are can receive kids. Our goal is to be ready to receive your child in class 20 minutes before service starts; however, if for some reason a leader is running late, we ask that you wait at the room with your child until they arrive.

How do we check in our child?

Grace Kids check-in is in the downstairs lobby. If you are a first-time guest, a friendly qualified team member will gather information that is needed to check your child into an age-appropriate environment. You will receive three labels – one to place on your child, one for the clipboard in their environment and the third has the security number you will need to pick your child up after service. The same security number is used for all the children in your family who are checked in. In the event we need to contact you during the service, your child’s first name and security number will appear on the screens in the worship center. After service, you will need your security number to pick up your child. If you have multiple children, make sure you hold onto the security tag until your last child is picked up. Children will only be released to a person with a matching security number. If for some reason you have misplaced it, please return to GK Guest Services so a duplicate number can be printed (please be prepared to show your ID).