Family Meeting full Summary

This chart was first shown to the congregation in 2014:

Church Incline (A Growing Church)

  • Future-Oriented
  • Vison-Driven
  • Community-Focused
  • Innovative
  • High-Risk Faith

Church Recline (A Status-Quo Church/No Growth)

  • Present-Oriented
  • Program-Driven
  • Congregation-Focused
  • Routine
  • Low-Risk-Faith

Church Decline (A Dying Church)

  • Past-Oriented
  • Structure-Driven
  • Core-Focused
  • Complacent
  • No Risk Faith

The question was asked, “What are we doing to move to the Incline?”


Questions we used to ask:

How do we stop the decline?

How do we get good leadership in place?

Where we are now:

How do we reach the 1.86 million?

We are vision and mission driven

We have a Community focus:

  • Community Baby Shower
  • Turkey feed
  • Community groups

What We’re Doing Differently:

Our full staff of pastors, most hired within the last year, are sharing the responsibility to move to the Incline. This gives Jesse time to go out into the community and strategically partner with local organizations and churches. These partnerships open up greater opportunities for reaching the lost in King and Pierce counties.

  • Innovation:
    • Using media to further the Kingdom of Christ,
    • New financial systems are in place
    • More healthy risk taking
    • Today’s attitude: “Where is God going? Let’s go!”
  • Serving by gifts:
    • The right people in the right place
    • Grace has a solid team of interns and volunteers
    • Security and Deacon roles have been expanded
  • Dollar front:
    • More of our resources invested in the future
    • Gaining progress with deferred maintenance
    • Solid new leadership
    • Conversion growth:
      • Guests to Members

Pastoral/Ministry Updates:

Pastor Mark, Grace Kids & Campus Ministry:

  • Leadership stepping up to volunteer
  • Uptick in young families coming to grace:
    • 25% increase this year
  • Partnering more with parents
  • Added more resources for young children
  • VBS a success:
    • Is sustainable model
  • Campus Ministry:
    • More effective at ministering to those who walk in the door

Pastor Tyler, Adult Ministries:

  • Questions we are asking ourselves:
    • How are we experiencing Daily Grace?
    • How do we abide and respond?
    • How do we maximize our influence?
      • By strengthening discipleship
  • Status Report:
    • 115 ladies came to cocoa women’s event
    • 557 current members
    • 150 new family units as new guests
    • Meet the Pastors: Success!
    • 540 people in life groups
    • Opportunities with the city of Auburn: Serving our city
    • Local area pastors with digital life groups and streaming
    • MyCommunity database launch to replace old systems
  • Goals:
    • Looking to engage new guests with natural invites:
      • Congregation inviting those in their lives (relational invites)


  • Day 33 at Grace!
  • Same mission statement:
    • A collective is a group of people with a shared vision, mission, or goal
  • Our mission and vision will reflect the larger vision at Grace
  • Our ultimate goal is to become one church body!

Paul, Worship and Arts & International Partners:

  • Deck the halls event:
    • Decorated the church in three days!
  • Least stressed going into Christmas:
    • Volunteers keep pouring in
  • Developing worship and arts staff:
    • Ashley Blair
    • Jackie Smith
    • Riley Forest (Now a Pastor and tech team overseer)
  • Shared Responsibility has helped Paul step into new role of International Partners leader
  • Four worship teams in a monthly rotation:
    • Keeping the teams consistent helps foster a life group like environment for Worship and Arts
  • Six support teams:
    • Usher/communion servers
    • Baptism hosts
    • Prayer teams
    • Service coordinators
    • Spanish translators
  • Biggest choir and orchestra ever:
    • 18-piece orchestra and over 50 choir members

John Bomar, Congregational Care:

  • Young at Heart Ministry:
    • Going through the doctrinal part of Romans:
      • Week by week Paul’s laying out of what the gospel is all about:
        • Salvation by Grace and Faith alone.
        • When it depends on Him and not us, faith is much more reliable
        • Moving to an application study: Now you’ve got it, what are you going to do with it?
  • Hospital visits
  • Memorials
    • Our people die well
    • The memorial service plans itself:
      • Hope
      • Celebration
      • Reflecting Christ
  • Want to start a younger version of Young at Heart
    • There are a lot of younger active retired people that we are trying to reach
  • Grandparenting classes:
    • How do you on purpose pass the heritage into your children?
    • Where’s your next mission field?

Kyle, Media Director:

  • Media: Make it interactive!
  • The three main websites we maintain and their audiences:
      • To reach unbelievers outside King/Pierce
      • To equip Christians worldwide
    • #RealGod:
      • To reach the unreached
      • For the Congregation
  • Post and share!
    • Will spread us far!
    • More advertisement for less
  • Numbers going up ten percent or more:
    • 5 media interns
    • 30 volunteers
  • Exciting website upgrades and other stuff!
  • IT: Five-year implementation plan to stop deferred maintenance
  • We are a month ahead right now in projects!
  • Church Database streamlined.

Numbers with the Elders:

  • Better breakdowns of budgets
  • New financial dashboards
  • Using an outside financial management organizations
    • More efficient
    • Less staff time
    • Better stewardship with these tools

Vision: Pastor Jesse

  • God is working in key areas and we are really well positioned for the future:
    • United Elder Board
    • Excellent Pastoral Team
    • Solid supporting staff
    • Interns:
      • 11 interns right now
  • Daily Grace and Abide and Respond:
    • Last two years we’ve been operating under this new vision
  • Life groups:
    • Serving, living, studying, and praying together:
      • 70% of congregants are in a life group
  • Participation is up:
    • Getting involvement in regular roles is a priority to our people
  • Growth:
    • Strong foundation in finances, doctrine, and Christ
    • Persevered and grown by God’s Grace
    • Walked through a lot of change
    • Numbers and morale have skyrocketed through the change
    • Baptisms and outreach has grown
    • Summer missions idea project
    • More involved in the Auburn community
    • Bringing the community in and serving them
    • International students
    • Prayer and fasting focus in the New Year
    • Forty Days of prayer before Easter
    • Added prayer after services and team there
    • Highlight prayer in life groups every week. Trust and familiarity is there
    • 50 groups in prayer weekly: that is a whole lot of prayer
    • Over 500 people getting into life groups together
    • Prayer is central to the church: Prayer right now!
  • Teaching more people through media and testimonies:
    • Streaming:
      • Hundreds stream our service
  • Generosity:
    • Healthy giving and debt reduction.
    • Half the debt is now gone. That is not small!
    • The Lord was so in it how can we invest the money freed up?
      • Women intern housing
      • Quality of sound made better for streaming.
      • Deferred maintenance ended for good
  • We are turning a corner:
    • We are getting caught up.
    • We are setting up the generations!
      • 150 children per weekend
    • Facility team and the upgrades
    • People are coming back from long ago
    • Our hallway tells the story of how God’s working

Why the websites?

That’s where people are! What did Jesus do? He and went where the people were. He didn’t sit and wait for them. This has become a huge draw for us

What are we looking forward to?

  • The heart of Grace:
    • That our whole church family starts to live out Daily Grace everywhere in their day-to-day lives!

We’ve been building here and something is going to happen in this church. Christianity is always a movement that transforms for Jesus.

  • We partner with other ministries
  • How do we involve all the churches and leaders in the coming years?
    • The Christians with their heart for God working together for Pierce and King Counties reached for Jesus
  • Goals:
    • Continue developing leaders
    • No debt
    • More testimonies
    • More ethnic: Reflect community
    • Multi-generational: We are one church! We are in a really good place with that
    • Build two-way relationships with the streamers: Prayer requests and relationships
    • All of us together, living out Daily Grace

2 Timothy 1: Sincere Faith

1 Thessalonians 1: 2-3, Chapter 3:8: Standing firm by God’s grace!