Meet the Pastors

A number of new guests come to Grace every week. Despite our best efforts, we are only able to engage with a fraction of the people who walk through our doors. Engagement is at the heart of everything we do here at Grace. So the question was asked, “How can we, as the staff, increase our effectiveness?” As part of a solution, Pastor Jesse pitched the idea of Meet the Pastors to the Management Team. Every Sunday and Saturday Night service, two of our pastors would host a time for new guests to meet and get to know the leadership of the church.

The results were beyond expectation. In the first few weeks alone, there was a three-fold increase in new guest engagement. Talking with church leadership in-person helped personalize the church experience and opened up opportunities to connect guests where their gifts could be used or where they had the greatest need. Here are just a few of the connections made:

“There was a young adult and her mom who came to the Saturday Service because the young adult works on Sundays. The family attends another church on Sundays but they were looking for a place to worship. One of our Pastors invited the young adult to Winter Jam.

There was also a couple that came up to Meet the Pastors. They were interested in premarital counseling and potentially a wedding venue. One of our Pastors was able to fill out a connecting card and get them connected to the Marriage Investors. She also plays several stringed instruments as well as sings in choir. We were able to connect her to the Christmas choir and Worship and Arts for Orchestra interests.” ~Tyler Clark

Meet the Pastors is an opportunity to be relational with new guests, which is at the heart of Grace Community Church and a passion of Pastor Jesse.

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