August 5, 2018



A Generosity That Is: (Luke 8:1-3, 24:1-10)

  1. Reciprocal
  2. Risky
  3. Rewarded
  4. Right

Take Home

People who have learned to receive the grace of Jesus are the most passionate to share it.

Life Group Discussion Questions

  1. What types of healing has Jesus brought into your life? (Luke 8:1-2)
  2. When have you taken a risk for Jesus? (Luke 8:3)
  3. What are some reasons for and expressions of worship? (see Psalm 103)
  4. How is knowing the truth about Jesus both a privilege and a responsibility? (Luke 24:1-10)
  5. When are you tempted to be stingy? (Proverbs 23:6-8)
  6. How does generosity change lives? (Romans 12:1-2)
  7. How can you carry more gratitude in your heart throughout the day? (Psalm 100)

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