September 2, 2018



September 1 & 2, 2018

A Deeper Healing (2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34)

1. God's Word is often the missing ingredient in your growth and the nourishment you need.

2. Conviction usually precedes transformation; it is pain first and pleasure later.

3. When you know you are loved, your desire for obedience is strengthened.

Take Home

God is communicating to your mind and heart daily, and His Word gives new hope and direction.

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. Has God given you any roles that feel over your head? (2 Kings 22:1-2)

2. How much of God's Word do you gladly receive each day during the week? (2 Kings 22:8)

3. When was the last time you felt deep conviction? (2 Kings 22:18-19)

4. What does Jesus say about the importance of Scripture? (Matthew 4:1-4)

5. How can God's Word protect us from sin? (Psalm 119:9-11)

6. In what fresh ways are you applying God's Word? (2 Chronicles 34:30-32)

7. How are personal and national renewal linked to your response to God's Word? (2 Chronicles 34:33)

Pray for the repairing of your souls and a great revival in our hearts and land.

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