November 24, 2018


Passage: JOHN 15:26-27
Service Type:

NOVEMBER 24 & 25, 2018

JOHN 15:26-27

What Is the Spirit Doing?

1. Trinity

2. Truth

3. Testify

Take Home

Abiding is fulfilling and responding is glorifying; Jesus calls you daily to the very best life.

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Life Group Questions

1. How is the Spirit a necessity in your life? (John 15:26-27)

2. How is the Spirit active in our lives? (Romans 8:2-6)

3. How does the Spirit give courage? (Micah 3:8-10)

4. What happened at Pentecost? (Acts 2:1-5)

5. What is the Spirit teaching you? (John 14:25-27)

6. How intimate are you with the Holy Spirit? (1 Corinthians 3:16)

7. What is the Holy Spirit doing in the world? (John 16:7-11)

Pray for each other and specific ways you can glorify Jesus.


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