January 26, 2019


Passage: PSALM 73
Service Type:

January 26 & 27, 2019



Main Idea

God’s love and goodness compel us to live extraordinary, unusual lives.

1. Living the extraordinary, unusual life begins with believing God is good.

2. Purge envy with an attitude check.

3. The unusual life will be marked with unusual faith in action.

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. In this month of prayer and fasting, what areas of your life did God speak into?

2. Describe the last time you felt envious. What was at the center of it?

3. Attitude check:

a. What am I grateful for?

b. What do I take for granted that I should be more grateful for?

c. What are some things I really need to say “I don’t need it” to, but secretly want?

4. If you said “Yes” to providing life-changing clean water to children in Africa by participating in the Seattle Half Marathon:

a. What are you most nervous about?

b. What are you most excited about?

5. If you’re on the fence, what would it take for you to say “Yes”?

6. When have you experienced God being the strength of your heart?


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