Serving Stories at Christmas

Late in November, Worship and Arts sponsored four ‘work parties’ to deck the halls in time for Christmas. Floods of volunteers came; many were not from Grace, had not been to Grace for a while, or were brand new. One couple brought their friend who had only been to Grace twice. After the decorating, she told Pastor Paul she would be coming back. In three days, the volunteers hung eighty hand-made giant snowflakes, sixty of which hung over the stage. As Pastor Paul liked to say, they’re covered in glitter to reflect the light of Jesus.

Many of our members serve on a regular basis. Every week we have volunteer ushers, greeters, camera operators, worship team members, sound, and tech support.  These men and women do everything from filming Pastor Jesse on the weekends to serving communion and greeting guests with a warm smile. A week before Christmas, I was able to interview two middle schoolers and hear about how they serve at Grace:

“I get to serve in three areas.  I like serving at Grace because I get to know a lot of people and I feel like I get to give back to the church.  I love serving in Grace Kids because I get to know the kids.  They are so fun to be with.  I like to play games and reading the Bible with them.  I love being on the Usher team because everyone is so nice!  It’s very fun because you feel as though you’re a part of something bigger than you.  I love getting to help put chairs away after second service because it’s really nice to feel like you’re doing something that really helps the custodial staff and our custodial staff is awesome!” -Ethan

“I enjoy working with kids in Grace Kids.  They are so fun and cute. (I work with Kindergarten and 1st grade.)  I like being with the kids because it feels like I’m serving God there.  I like ushering because it’s fun!  We get to hand out the baskets in the service and then put all the collections away.  It’s fun to be on the team and work together! I Love being on the ushering team.  They are so nice! After church is over I help put chairs away.  I really like getting to roll the carts around and seeing the gym all cleaned up when we’re all done.  Serving at church is fun and is a great way to give back to God.” -Garret

Our volunteers are vital to spreading the love of Jesus and reaching hearts for him. From the smallest to the biggest, everyone has an impact. Their service within the church helps to support Grace, freeing up resources that are then used to reach the lost. Thank you volunteers for your hard work and dedication!


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