Thanksgiving Outreach Dinner a Success!

“2017’s Thankful Hearts Dinner was a great blessing to all involved. Big thank you to the team for helping make this event a success. Below are a few pics from tonight. What is especially exciting is the work the Lord has done to make this event happen. There was enough to provide for our international student lunch this weekend (4 pies, a turkey, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes to make). There was enough to provide for Ray of Hope day shelter 5 pies, 2 trays of turkey, rolls, cool whip, and a gallon of milk. All told, our congregation provided 65 pies, 20 turkeys, countless rolls, potatoes for days and 140 people participated. Honestly, the ease of putting this event together was a blessing in and of itself! The generosity of our congregation continues to amaze me.

Now for the fruit, we served 170 dinners (seconds and doggie bags not counted) to those in need. After sharing my testimony we had 10 decisions for Christ, and 8 connecting cards. I had a dozen personal conversations and prayed for no less than 5 people as we shared stories and Bibles. This is in addition to several returning volunteers who did a great job serving and ministering to those who attended. We even saw a couple of families (with children) come and partake. This kind of event is a great outreach and could explode with the potential it carries. I hope we all can represent and care for these people and share thankful hearts in addition to thankful stomachs. This event was a blessing to me and an honor to share the grace of Jesus.” Pastor Tyler Clark




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