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Pastor Jesse Bradley

August 5 & 6, 2017

A Significant Ritual: (Luke 22:13-20)

1) Repenting that leads to restoration.

2) Participating that emphasizes our identity in Jesus.

3) Proclaiming what is central in every part of your daily life.

4) Looking forward with perseverance and solid hope.

Take Home:

Let God saturate you with His love as you strengthen your union and commit to serve.

Life Group Questions

1) What was the context of the first communion? (Luke 22:13-14)

2) What similarities are there between Passover and communion? (Luke 22:15)

3) What did Jesus mean when He said that He will not eat it again until later? (Luke 22:16)

4) What is the symbolism of the cup and juice? (Luke 22:17-18)

5) What are you proclaiming when you take the bread? (Luke 22:19)

6) What is the new covenant? (Luke 22:20)

7) How does taking communion restore unity with God and each other?

You can take communion together as a Life Group

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