Vision Night

At the end of the month, there was a meeting of church leaders. Everyone from staff to volunteer Collective leaders were invited. The purpose of the night was to look forward to the year 2018 and learn about the goals Pastor Jesse and the Elders had set for themselves and the church as a whole in the areas of Worship, Community, Serving, and Outreach.

The vision of Grace is Daily Grace: People everywhere experiencing and sharing the grace of Jesus in their daily lives. Our mission is Abide and Respond: Helping people experience the grace of Jesus in daily life by learning to abide and respond at all times and in all places, so that we can glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Our strategy for achieving our mission and vision are primarily about relationships, with God and each other. These relationships will be marked by gospel generosity. It is vital to not only participate in daily grace personally, but also to help other people experience Jesus too.

These are the goals we strive for in 2018:

1) Worship
The Weekend Experience
Spiritual Habits
A Culture of Prayer

2) Community
Life Groups: 80% of our weekend service attendance in groups (currently at 60-70%)
Multi-ethnic church (reflecting our county)
Leadership Development: active learning, equipping, the intern program

3) Serving
Loving each other through using our spiritual and natural gifts
Good stewardship of our time and resources
Participation: 80% of church having a regular monthly role

4) Outreach
Multiplication: Disciple-making disciples (friendships and invitations)
Media=reaching people where they are (streaming, realGod, exploring faith, websites, social media)
Partnerships (Worldvision, Saturate)
Strategic events

Challenges we face/big picture goals:

1) Churchwide unity and ownership of the vision
2) Hundreds of salvations and baptisms
3) Reduction/Elimination of the debt
4) A Holy Spirit lead movement in the Sound-reaching the 1.86 million
5) Transformed lives: Collect and celebrate these stories

Genesis 18:14, Isaiah 14:27

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