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Jesus Is Your Source

September 15, 2018

Jesus Is Your Source


The Essentials of Life (John 15:1)

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Why is Jesus' invitation good?
  3. What does reliance look like?

Take Home

We are not self-sufficient and need a fulfilling source every moment and every place we go.

Life Group Discussion Questions

  1. What makes Jesus different than other religious leaders? (John 15:1)
  2. How do you step out of the darkness? (John 8:12, 9:5)
  3. How is Jesus helping you to experience abundant life and how would you like to grow in faith this fall? (John 10:7-10)
  4. In what areas of your life can you listen and trust Jesus more? (John 10:11-14)
  5. How does Jesus take what is dead and make it new? (John 11:25)
  6. How are all religions exclusive and when is narrow a good thing? (John 14:6)
  7. What does a consistent picture of reliance each day look like? (Acts 1:8, James 3:17-18)

Pray for each other and next steps in your relationships with Jesus.

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